Viru Valge
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Viru Valge- 1.0L

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Introducing Viru Valge, the perfect companion for your next celebration! This 1.0L bottle is packed with pure goodness and a smooth taste that will leave you wanting more. Crafted with love and expertise, Viru Valge is made for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing up your favorite cocktails, this premium vodka is sure to impress. So gather your friends, raise your glasses, and let the good times flow with Viru Valge. Cheers! 🍸🎉

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The Magic of Viru Valge: Unveiling the Essence of Estonia's National Drink

🇪🇪🍸 Estonia is a country rich in history, culture, and, of course, unique beverages. At the heart of these is Viru Valge, the country's national drink. But what makes Viru Valge so special? Why has it become a symbol of Estonian identity and a must-try for any visitor? Let's dive in and discover the magic of Viru Valge!

What is Viru Valge?

If you're new to the world of Estonian spirits, you're probably wondering, what exactly is Viru Valge? 🤔 Viru Valge is a high-quality vodka, distilled and bottled in Estonia. Its name translates to "White Viru," a nod to the pristine, snowy landscapes of the Viru county in Estonia.

The Birth of a National Treasure

Viru Valge was born in 1898, making it over a century old! 🎉 But age is just a number, right? What truly matters is the craft, the tradition, and the love poured into each bottle. From the very beginning, Viru Valge has been made using the finest Estonian grains and purest spring water, creating a vodka that's as smooth as it is flavorful.

The Taste of Estonia

So, what does Viru Valge actually taste like? 😋 It's a delicate balance of subtle flavors and an exceptionally smooth finish. You'll pick up notes of grain, a hint of sweetness, and a clean, crisp finish. It's like a taste of Estonia itself- simple, pure, and utterly captivating.

Enjoying Viru Valge

This vodka is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Sip it neat to appreciate its subtle flavors, or mix it in a cocktail for a refreshing twist. A classic Viru Valge martini, perhaps? 🍸 Or maybe a Moscow Mule with an Estonian twist? The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

The Viru Valge Distillery

The magic of Viru Valge truly lies in its distillery. It's here that the finest grains are milled, mashed, and fermented, before being distilled multiple times to achieve that signature smoothness. It’s like a symphony of flavors, all coming together in perfect harmony. 🎶

The Distillation Process

The distillation process of Viru Valge is what sets it apart. It undergoes a meticulous process, distilled five times to remove any impurities and achieve a level of purity that's nothing short of perfection. 💎

Viru Valge: A Symbol of Estonian Pride

Above all, Viru Valge is a symbol of Estonian pride. It's a testament to the country's rich history, its love for quality, and its unwavering commitment to tradition. When you sip Viru Valge, you're not just enjoying a drink- you're experiencing a piece of Estonia. 🇪🇪

Why You Should Try Viru Valge

If you're still on the fence about trying Viru Valge, here are five reasons that might just convince you:

👉 It’s a taste of Estonia's rich history and culture.
👉 It's made with the finest ingredients and distilled five times for ultimate purity.
👉 It's versatile, perfect for sipping neat or mixing in cocktails.
👉 It's a symbol of Estonian pride.
👉 It's a unique experience, unlike any other vodka.


In conclusion, Viru Valge is more than just a vodka- it's a taste of Estonia, a symbol of national pride, and a testament to the country's commitment to quality and tradition. So why not experience the magic of Viru Valge for yourself? 🍸🇪🇪

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Viru Valge mean?

It translates to "White Viru," a reference to the snowy landscapes of Viru county in Estonia.

What does Viru Valge taste like?

It has a delicate balance of subtle grain flavors with a hint of sweetness and a clean, crisp finish.

How is Viru Valge made?

It is made using the finest Estonian grains and purest spring water, then distilled five times for ultimate purity.

Can I mix Viru Valge in cocktails?

Absolutely! Viru Valge is a versatile spirit that works beautifully in a variety of cocktails.

Where can I buy Viru Valge?

You can find Viru Valge in most liquor stores and online, especially those specializing in international spirits.
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Crisp, fruity, hot, neutral
1l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Transparent, clear
Full-bodied and intense
Alcohol content
40% vol