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Magyar Feher Bor- 3L

3.10 kg

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🍷 Magyar Feher Bor White Wine: The Enigma from Eastern Europe

Introduction: A Dance of Delight in Every Drop

Venture into the verdant vineyards of Hungary with Magyar Feher Bor White Wine. A wine that whispers tales of terrains touched by time, and grapes that gleam under the golden sun. A Hungarian holiday in a glass, perhaps? invites you in.

🍇 Magyar Feher Bor: A Hungarian Heritage

The Tale of Terroir

The Magyar Feher Bor is born from bountiful lands blessed by nature. These vineyards, vibrant and vivacious, bring forth grapes that give this wine its unique undertones and unmistakable character.

A Symphony of Flavors

Surrender to the scintillating sensations of Magyar Feher Bor. Notes of nectarines, nuances of nutmeg, and whispers of white florals converge in a captivating chorus.

🌐 Your Gateway to Global Gourmet

Yearning for the yield of Hungarian hills? is your trusted ticket. With a click, the charisma of Magyar Feher Bor White Wine can caress your senses, right at home.

🎁 Gifting the Gem: Magyar Feher Bor

Moments become monumental when matched with Magyar Feher Bor. As a gesture, as a gift, it's golden. With, every bottle becomes a bridge to memories and merriment.

🌟 Conclusion: Magyar Feher Bor - A Wine Worth the Wait

Drinking Magyar Feher Bor is delving deep into a diary of dreams, distilled. It's more than a wine; it's a wonder. And with, this wonder is but a wish away.

Embrace the Essence of Eastern Europe

Data sheet


Semi-sweet, fruity, flowery
3l Bag-in-Box
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Müller-Thurgau , Welschriesling
Light- fruity
Fruity, plum, flowery
Alcohol content
11% vol