Viru Valge
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Viru Valge 10x50cl 40%

6.00 kg
Introducing Viru Valge, the ultimate companion for your next party or chilled-out evening! Crafted with care, this premium Estonian vodka is distilled to perfection, offering a smooth and pure taste that will delight your senses. With its 40% alcohol content, Viru Valge brings the right amount of kick to elevate any occasion. Whether you prefer it straight up, mixed in cocktails, or as a base for your favorite drinks, this 10x50cl bottle pack ensures you'll never run out of this liquid gem. Grab a bottle of Viru Valge and let the good times flow! 🍸🎉

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Introducing the Viru Valge, your next favorite spirit! This smooth and flavorful vodka is crafted with meticulous precision to offer you a unique drinking experience. Originating from the beautiful land of Estonia, Viru Valge has made its mark in the global beverage industry and has been a favorite amongst vodka connoisseurs for years.

With its crystal clear appearance and robust 40% alcohol content, Viru Valge is not for the faint-hearted. Yet, it is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a strong, high-quality spirit. Ideal for sipping neat or mixing in your favorite cocktails, its versatility is a testament to its superior quality.

When you take a sip of Viru Valge, the first thing you'll notice is its clean, crisp taste. This is due to the traditional distillation process used, which ensures no impurities interfere with the vodka's natural flavor. A hint of sweetness follows, making each sip an unforgettable experience.

Viru Valge is presented in a sleek, stylish bottle, which enhances its elegant appeal. This fantastic vodka is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their spirit collection or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one.

So why wait? Dive into the world of premium spirits with Viru Valge and let your taste buds embark on an extraordinary journey. Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or simply love to explore high-quality vodkas, Viru Valge is your go-to choice. Experience the unique taste of this Estonian masterpiece today!
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Liviko AS
Crisp, fruity, neutral, hot
5l Pack
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Transparent, clear
Clear and grainy
Alcohol content
40% vol