Jim Beam Honey
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Jim Beam Honey- 1.0L

1.95 kg
Introducing Jim Beam Honey, the perfect companion for your nights of fun and relaxation! This smooth and delicious blend of Jim Beam bourbon and real honey will leave your taste buds buzzing with delight. Savor the sweet, golden goodness with every sip. Whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktails, Jim Beam Honey is sure to add a touch of warmth and sweetness to any occasion. Grab a bottle of this 1.0L honey-infused goodness and let the good times flow. Cheers to unforgettable moments with Jim Beam Honey! 🐝🥃

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Experience the smooth, rich flavor of Jim Beam Honey, a perfect blend of bourbon and real golden honey. This delightful concoction is an infusion of the sweet, luscious taste of honey and the bold, robust notes of our world-renowned bourbon. It's a match made in heaven that creates an impressively balanced drink with a sophisticated, warm finish.

Jim Beam Honey is not just your ordinary bourbon - it's a unique blend that offers a refreshing twist to your usual drink. The honey not only adds a natural sweetness but also softens the traditional heat of the bourbon, resulting in a smooth, easy-to-drink beverage that's perfect for any occasion.

This bourbon is handcrafted in limited quantities, ensuring each bottle delivers the exceptional quality that Jim Beam is known for. Our master distillers ensure that every drop of this sumptuous bourbon meets our highest standards, giving you a drink that's truly special.

Whether you're a bourbon enthusiast or new to the world of spirits, Jim Beam Honey is sure to impress. Enjoy it on the rocks, straight, or in a cocktail. Savor the sweet, full-bodied flavor as you unwind at the end of a long day or celebrate special moments. With its rich, golden color and sweet, inviting aroma, this bourbon is a treat for all your senses.

So, why not add a bottle of Jim Beam Honey to your collection? It's a versatile, delicious bourbon that offers a delightful twist to your favorite drinks. Experience the sweet taste of honey combined with the rich, full-bodied flavor of bourbon. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you!
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James B.Beam Distilling Co
Honey, toffee, sweet, vanilla
1l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Alcohol content
32.5% vol
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