Hartwall Cranberry Original Long Drink - 7.92L- (24x0.33L)
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Hartwall Cranberry Original Long Drink - 7.92L- (24x0.33L)

8.70 kg

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Embark on a flavorful journey with Hartwall's Cranberry Original Long Drink. A delightful concoction that seamlessly fuses the tartness of cranberries with the spirited zest of a long drink.

Cranberries: Nature's Little Red Gems

The Origin

Native to North America, cranberries are cherished globally for their vibrant hue and a unique combination of tart and sweet flavors.

Health Benefits

Apart from being a taste sensation, cranberries boast a plethora of health benefits, from antioxidant properties to vitamin C richness.

Hartwall: A Name Synonymous with Quality

The Legacy of Hartwall Drinks

For years, Hartwall has been at the forefront of curating beverages that resonate with the soul, ensuring quality and taste in every sip.

Why the Cranberry Flavor?

Embracing the global love for cranberries, Hartwall introduced the Cranberry Original Long Drink to cater to those seeking a tangy twist in their beverages.

Taste Profile

Uniqueness of Cranberry Long Drink

This drink promises a burst of cranberry freshness with every sip, layered with the subtle undertones of a classic long drink. It's both refreshing and invigorating.

Ideal Occasions to Enjoy

Perfect for summer barbecues, cozy winter evenings, or any celebratory event. It's a drink for all seasons.

Why Buy From Tulivesi.com?

Authenticity Guaranteed

At Tulivesi.com, every bottle of Hartwall Cranberry Original Long Drink is a promise of genuine Finnish quality.

Quick Delivery

Your favorite drink, delivered promptly to your doorstep.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Our community of satisfied customers often tout it as "The perfect blend of tart and spirited."


Hartwall Cranberry Original Long Drink is more than just a beverage; it's an experience. And with Tulivesi.com, you're not just purchasing a drink; you're investing in an authentic Finnish legacy.


  1. What's the alcohol content in Hartwall Cranberry Original Long Drink?
    It varies by region, but typically it's around 5.5%.
  2. How is it best served?
    Chilled, straight from the bottle or over ice.
  3. Can I get it delivered outside Finland?
    Absolutely! Tulivesi.com caters to international deliveries.
  4. What pairs well with this drink?
    Light appetizers, seafood, or even a chocolate dessert.
  5. How long does delivery usually take?
    Depending on your location, typically between 3-7 business days.
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Hartwall Ltd.
7.92l Cans
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Flavored long drink
Alcohol content
5.5% vol