• Vana Tallinn Liqueur | Estonian Elixir on Tulivesi.com 🥃
  • Vana Tallinn Liqueur | Estonian Elixir on Tulivesi.com 🥃
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Vana Tallinn 4x50cl 40%

2.00 kg

€45.59 Tax included

€37.99 Tax excluded


🥃 Vana Tallinn Liqueur: The Essence of Estonian Elegance

Introduction: Legacy in a Liqueur

Traverse through time with Vana Tallinn Liqueur. Every sip is steeped in stories, every flavor a footprint of history. Curious about this captivating concoction? Let Tulivesi.com be your compass.

🍯 Vana Tallinn: A Symphony of Sweetness and Strength

The Chronicles of Creation

Born in the beautiful bastion of Estonia, Vana Tallinn Liqueur weaves a tapestry of tastes. Rooted in recipes revered for eons, it's a drink that dances between tradition and today.

The Flavourful Fable

Engage with the enthralling ensemble of rum, vanilla, and citrus in Vana Tallinn. The mellifluous melody of spices and the sotto voce of sweetness makes it a sensation to the senses.

🌐 Tulivesi.com: The Odyssey of Online Offerings

Pining for the poetic potion that is Vana Tallinn? With Tulivesi.com, this lyrical liqueur lands on your lap. From Estonia, with elegance, delivered directly to your doorstep.

🎁 Gifting the Grandeur: Vana Tallinn

Looking for a gift that gleams with grace and gravitas? Vana Tallinn Liqueur is the luminary. Through Tulivesi.com, sending this souvenir is a snap.

🌟 Conclusion: Vana Tallinn - A Liqueur Like No Other

Vana Tallinn is not just a drink; it's a dream distilled. And thanks to Tulivesi.com, this dream is always a dash away.

Relish the Resonance of Vana Tallinn

Data sheet


Liviko AS
Citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, rum
2l pack
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Alcohol content
40% vol