Saaremaa Vodka
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Saaremaa Vodka 10x50cl 80%

6.00 kg

Introducing Saaremaa Vodka, a true taste of the Baltic paradise! Crafted with utmost precision, this premium vodka boasts a smoothness that'll make your taste buds dance with delight. Sourced from the pristine lands of Saaremaa, this 80% ABV delight is handcrafted in small batches to ensure its exceptional quality. Whether you're sipping it neat or mixing up a refreshing cocktail, Saaremaa Vodka guarantees an unforgettable drinking experience. Embrace the spirit of Saaremaa and indulge in this exquisite vodka – a true ode to craftsmanship! 🍸✨

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Introducing the premium Saaremaa Vodka, an extraordinary spirit that's crafted to perfection. Originating from the serene isle of Saaremaa in Estonia, this vodka carries the legacy of centuries-old distilling traditions.

Each sip of Saaremaa Vodka takes you on a journey through the untouched, wild beauty of the island. The vodka is distilled using pure, local spring water, promising a smooth and clean taste. The secret behind its distinct flavor profile is the hand-picked winter wheat, which adds a subtle sweetness to the spirit.

Saaremaa Vodka is not just a drink, it's an experience. With an impressive strength, this vodka commands respect and makes a bold statement. It's perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and isn't afraid to explore new territories.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, or just unwinding after a long week, Saaremaa Vodka is the perfect companion. Enjoy it straight, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktail. It also makes an excellent gift for vodka connoisseurs and spirits enthusiasts.

In every bottle of Saaremaa Vodka, you'll find a hint of Estonian heritage, a touch of Saaremaa’s wild spirit, and an unforgettable tasting experience. So why wait? Indulge in the sublime taste of Saaremaa Vodka and let your senses take flight.

Remember, great moments start with Saaremaa Vodka. Explore the essence of Estonia with every sip. Order yours today!
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Altia Eesti AS
Hot, clean taste
5l Pack
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Alcohol content
80% vol