Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva
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Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva

1.95 kg
Introducing Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva, a sparkling wine that will dazzle your taste buds! 🍾 Made with love and expertise, this Cava is a true gem. 🌟 With its crisp bubbles and refreshing flavors, it's the perfect companion for any celebration or special occasion. 🎉 Sip on its elegant notes of citrus and apple, and let the joyous vibes take over. Crafted with utmost care, this Cava is a must-have for all wine enthusiasts. Cheers to the good times! 🥂

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Experience the exquisite taste of the Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva, a delightful sparkling wine that promises to heighten your senses with every sip. This stunning Spanish Cava, often compared to the finest champagnes, is a testament to the art of winemaking. Crafted from a blend of traditional grape varieties, it boasts an elegant, dry palate that leaves a lasting impression.

The Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva is the epitome of sophistication. Poured into a glass, its beautiful golden hue and persistent bubbles are a sight to behold. The first sip introduces you to a harmonious mix of crisp apple, citrus notes, and a hint of toasted bread. This leads you to a long and complex finish that keeps you coming back for more.

What sets this Cava apart is its aging process. Resting in the bottle for more than 15 months, it achieves a perfect balance between freshness and maturity, creating an extraordinary depth and complexity of flavor. This process, combined with the absence of added sugars, results in a Brut Nature style, the driest of all sparkling wines.

The Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva is also versatile. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a quiet night in, this Cava is the perfect accompaniment. It pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, including seafood, white meat, and even desserts, making every meal a gourmet dining experience.

In conclusion, the Cava Clos Amador Brut Nature Reserva is more than just a bottle of wine; it's a celebration of life's finest moments. So why wait? Elevate your wine experience and indulge in the unmatched taste of this sparkling gem.
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Pere Ventura S.L
Dry, citrus, apple, nectarine
0.75l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Light yellow
Xarel´lo 35 %, Macabeo 35 %, Parella 30 %
Spices, citrus, peach
Alcohol content
11.5% vol