Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic
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Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic

1.95 kg
Looking for a refreshing and organic Prosecco? Look no further than Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic! 🍾 Made with love and care, this delightful sparkling wine is perfect for any occasion. With its crisp and fruity flavors, it will surely tickle your taste buds. 🍇 Sip on this elegant Prosecco and let its bubbly goodness transport you to the beautiful vineyards of Italy. 🌿 Cheers to good times and sustainable sipping! Get your bottle of Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic today and elevate your wine experience. 🥂

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Savor the taste of Italy with our Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic. This exquisite sparkling wine boasts a brilliant straw yellow hue, inviting you into a world of refreshing flavors. Made from organic grapes, Villa Sandi Prosecco celebrates the beauty of nature, offering a tantalizing blend of fruity aromas and floral notes.

The first sip transports you to the lush vineyards of Veneto, where the grapes are handpicked to retain their natural integrity and flavor. The wine's delicate, persistent perlage is a result of skilled winemaking and centuries-old traditions, promising a lively, vibrant taste.

Villa Sandi Prosecco is a burst of citrus and green apple on the palate, balanced perfectly with a hint of ripe pear and acacia flowers. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving you refreshed and craving for another sip. Whether it's a dinner for two or a night of celebration, this Prosecco is the perfect companion.

Enjoy Villa Sandi Prosecco Doc Brut Organic chilled, either on its own or paired with light appetizers, seafood, or pasta. Its organic nature promises a guilt-free indulgence, making every sip a toast to good health and great taste.

Experience the joy of Italian winemaking with Villa Sandi Prosecco. It's not just a drink; it's a lifestyle. Order your bottle today, and let the celebration begin!
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Villa Sandi SPA
Dry, fresh, fruity
0.75l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Light yellow
Küps õun, akaatsia
Alcohol content
11% vol