Martini Asti
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Martini Asti

1.95 kg

Introducing Martini Asti, the perfect companion for those who appreciate a touch of elegance and a dose of sparkle in their life. This delightful Italian sparkling wine is crafted with precision and passion, delivering a burst of fruity flavors with every sip. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to add a little glamour to your day, Martini Asti is the ultimate choice. Its refreshing bubbles and vibrant aroma will transport you to the sunny vineyards of Italy, creating unforgettable moments. So why wait? Grab a bottle of Martini Asti and let the festivities begin! 🍾✨

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Indulge in the sophisticated world of bubbles with our Martini Asti. This delightful sparkling wine, hailing from the renowned vineyards of Piedmont, Italy, offers an unforgettable tasting experience. With its sweet, light, and fruity flavor, Martini Asti is the perfect partner for all your celebrations or just a casual get-together.

Every sip of our Martini Asti is a journey to Italy's finest vineyards. Crafted from handpicked Moscato Bianco grapes, this sparkling wine boasts of a rich, aromatic profile. It tickles your senses with notes of peach, apple, and honey, balanced by its delicate bubbles and light, refreshing finish.

Whether you're toasting to a special occasion or simply enjoying an evening with loved ones, Martini Asti elevates the moment. It's not just a drink, but an experience of Italian luxury in a bottle. Pair it with desserts, fruits, or your favorite cheese, and let its charm unfold.

The magic lies in its versatility. Martini Asti is a hit at brunches, dinners, parties, or romantic dates. This bubbly delight is not just a drink; it's a celebration in itself. So, pour yourself a glass of Martini Asti and let the celebration begin!

Remember, Martini Asti isn't just a sparkling wine; it's a taste of tradition, luxury, and joy. So why wait? Discover the magic of Italy's finest sparkling wine today. Enjoy Martini Asti - the wine that transforms moments into memories.
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Martini & Rossi
Semi-sweet, pineapple, ripe apple, ripe apricot, peach
0.75l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Golden yellow
Moscato Bianco
Ripe yellow fruit, pineapple, melon, apricot
Alcohol content
7.5% vol
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