Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut
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Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut

1.95 kg
Introducing Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut - the perfect sparkling companion for your celebrations! Bursting with vibrant flavors and delicate bubbles, this Cava is a true crowd-pleaser. Crafted with love and expertise, it offers a delightful blend of fruity aromas and a crisp, refreshing finish. Whether you're toasting with friends or simply treating yourself, this elegant Cava will elevate any moment. Cheers to life's sparkling moments with Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut! 🥂✨

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut. This premium bubbly is a symbol of luxury and elegance, perfect for celebrating life's special moments or adding a touch of class to any occasion.

Crafted in Spain's renowned Freixenet winery, Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut is a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Its blend of classic grapes, Parelleda, Macabeo, and Chardonnay, creates a smooth, balanced, and refreshing taste that's hard to resist.

Its allure doesn't stop at taste. Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut boasts a beautiful golden hue, with a steady stream of fine bubbles that capture the light and your attention. Its bright, crisp aroma of ripe fruits, citrus, and toasted brioche makes it a sensory delight.

But what truly sets this Cava Brut apart is its perfect harmony of tradition and innovation. The winery, with its over a century of winemaking heritage, employs traditional methods with modern techniques to create a sparkling wine that's truly distinctive.

Be it a romantic dinner, a toast to a new beginning, or just a quiet evening at home, Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut can turn any moment into a celebration. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal companion to a variety of dishes, from seafood to light meats, and even cheeses or desserts.

Experience the luxury of Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Cava Brut. It's not just a sparkling wine; it's an experience that bubbles over with joy and sophistication. Drink in the moment and let the world fall away. Your moment of elegance is just a sip away.
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Grupo Freixenet
Dry, apple, nectarine, peach, citrus
0.75l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Chardonnay , Macabeo , Parellada , Pinot Noir
Fruits, flowery, citrus
Alcohol content
12% vol