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Becherovka- 0.5L

1.65 kg
Introducing Becherovka, the refreshing and invigorating herbal liqueur that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey! Made with a secret blend of 20 natural botanicals, this 0.5L bottle is the perfect size to enjoy on any occasion. Crafted with love and care, Becherovka will surprise you with its unique taste, combining hints of cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweetness. Sip it neat or mix it into your favorite cocktail for an unforgettable experience. Treat yourself to the authentic flavors of Becherovka and let the good times flow! 🌿🍹

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Experience the magic of Becherovka, a traditional herbal liqueur crafted in the heart of Czech Republic. This delightful beverage is known for its unique and complex flavor profile, making it a favorite among many. Becherovka is a blend of over twenty natural spices and herbs, coupled with high-quality spirits. The result? A smooth, aromatic drink that warms the heart and delights the senses.

Every sip offers a symphony of flavors - from spicy cinnamon and rich anise to gentle hints of fresh citrus and clove. Its robust golden-brown hue is a treat to the eyes, and its sumptuous taste lingers on the palate long after the last drop.

But Becherovka isn't just about taste. It's about tradition. It's about savoring a piece of Czech history with every sip. Still prepared from the original 1807 recipe, this liqueur embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Enjoy it straight, chilled, or as part of a cocktail. Whether it's at a dinner party or a quiet evening at home, Becherovka adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. Try it once, and you'll find yourself reaching for the distinct green bottle, again and again.

Experience Becherovka - The Spirit of Delight. It's more than just a drink. It's a tradition. It's a taste of heritage. Discover the secret recipe that's been passed down through generations and let it spark joy in your moments of relaxation.

Cheers to good health, great taste, and timeless traditions with Becherovka!
Data sheet

Czech Republic

0.5l Bottle
Serve at
16 C - 18 C
Alcohol content
38% vol
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