Scandinavian Salmiak Chili
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Scandinavian Salmiak Chili- 0.7L

1.65 kg
Introducing the Scandinavian Salmiak Chili, the ultimate taste sensation in a bottle! This 0.7L flavor-packed concoction is a delightful blend of Scandinavian salmiak and fiery chili. Brace yourself for an explosion of sweet and salty licorice goodness with a spicy kick. Perfect for those who crave a unique and adventurous taste experience. Whether you're a licorice lover or a chili enthusiast, this bold combo will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement. Get ready to spice up your snacks and unleash your inner flavor explorer with the Scandinavian Salmiak Chili! 🌶️🍬

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Experience the bold and exciting flavors of Scandinavian Salmiak Chili. This unique Scandinavian concoction is a delightful blend of tangy Salmiak (salt licorice) and fiery chili. It's the perfect choice for adventurous foodies who love to explore unconventional taste profiles.

The liquorice roots of Salmiak provide a salty-sweet taste that perfectly balances the heat from the chili. This blend creates an incredibly unique flavor journey that is both surprising and satisfying. Whether you're a fan of spicy foods or just looking for something new to try, this Scandinavian Salmiak Chili is sure to impress.

Enjoy it as a standalone treat or use it to elevate your culinary creations. It's a fantastic addition to sauces, marinades, or even desserts. The possibilities are endless with Scandinavian Salmiak Chili.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and embark on a flavorful adventure. This Scandinavian Salmiak Chili is not just a product, but a culinary experience waiting to be discovered. Don't wait, start your flavor journey today!
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Salt, pepper, tart
0.7l Bottle
Serve at
06 C - 08 C
Alcohol content
30% vol